Welcome to our initial Agents, the participants in the Brain Agents / peak team evaluation study. We are thrilled to have players dig into Brain Agents for the first time! Please note that only students in participating schools who have official Brain Agents codenames can currently access the game. Eventually we will release the game to the general public, but for now just a select few are invited to help us fine tune the game.

Brain Agents currently includes 29 missions and five repeatable minigames (breathing, hacking, reframing, body scan, and balance). But this is just the beginning and we plan on adding more content over the next several months. We have lots of ideas for improving the game, but we’d also love to know what you think! If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions or feedback, please share with us by submitting an issue on our GitHub issue tracking site.  

Some bugs are bound to pop up. Part of early access is enlisting players’ to help us track down and work out the kinks.  If you do notice an issue, the most helpful way to report a problem is by sharing a screenshot or video. The more easily we can understand and reproduce the problem you are describing, the faster we can fix it! For more info on submitting issues on GitHub and other tips on playing the game, you can check out our help site, help.brainagents.org.

Finally, I’m incredibly proud of and grateful to our tiny team of mainly student developers. Some of our alumni have gone on to work at famous game companies like Bungie and Epic. To me that’s representative of the kind of talent and effort that has been poured into Brain Agents.  I’d also like to thank the whole team at STRYV365 for their support and believing in our vision for a game that helps instill resilience AND is a blast to play.


That’s all for now, thanks for playing and we can’t wait to share what’s next!


David Antognoli

Game Director at Night City