Patch 0.99.75

This update adds substantial changes to level design, new minigame content, and more!

  • Added quests to Missions: optional side objectives scattered throughout Missions that reward players with positive energy
  • Adjusted layout/structure of various Missions
  • Adjusted positive energy placement/amounts in all Missions
  • New Pilot Spaceship minigame – initiated via talking to the Pilot on the Bridge. (after unlocking them via positive energy) Fly through space while avoiding asteroids and hitting speed boosts
  • Major redesign of in-game UI (Mission Select screen, Pause screen, etc)
  • Dialogue is now advanceable via the keyboard as well as the mouse (both advancing through text and selecting responses)
  • Players can now switch freely between using WASD/arrow keys for movement and E/Spacebar for interaction
  • Pressing Enter can be used instead of clicking the Submit button to advance on the Title Screen
  • Chests found in Missions now contain Respawn Currency instead of positive energy
  • New “boss” encounter in Mission 5
  • Adjusted camera to reduce awkward clipping into out-of-bounds areas
  • Adjusted lighting for Missions 1-5
  • Added more Tutorial graphics (guiding arrows during the Intro, UI arrows during Reframing Machine tutorial)

Thank you for continuing to support development! We hope you enjoy this update – as well as updates to come.