Our latest update compiles loads of new improvements and quality of life enhancements to the game, as well as some exciting new features!

New Features

  • Added the ability for the player to roll by pressing the space bar while walking
  • Added new and revamped reframing statements to better help students develop an understanding of cognitive distortions
  • Added new quests for missions 10 – 13


  • Added keyboard support to the mission select menu
  • Player cabin customization menu has been redesigned for better visuals and clarity
  • Quest UI has been redesigned 
  • Made various improvements to the camera work during cutscenes
  • Enhanced the performance of the hacking and balance minigames
  • As per usual, lots of bug fixes to make the player experience more stable


We hope this update gets players excited to keep playing as we continue to work on and improve the game. And as always, we’d like to thank you for supporting our work. So thanks!